For many companies, an effective communications solution can make the difference between staying profitable and going out of business. You must be able to talk with customers, co-workers, vendors and others to keep your company productive.

Business Complete Solutions can help you connect with the people on whom your business depends. We offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions from Avaya, Fonality and other telephony providers.

Advantages of VOIP

VOIP has some advantages over traditional telephony technology. These include:

Lower Costs--While analog phone service can charge for time spent talking, you often only need to pay for monthly Internet service to use VOIP. Studies have found that people who use VOIP can greatly reduce costs for local and international calls.

Easy Conferencing--VOIP allows you to conference with multiple people with greater ease.

Greater Mobility--As long as you can connect to your company’s IP network, VOIP enables you to make and receive calls with the same number anywhere.

Available VOIP Services

In addition to VOIP products from Avaya and other manufacturers, BCS offers a variety of related services and applications. These include:


  • System design and architecture
  • Deployment planning
  • Intersite networking
  • Multi-service network assessment
  • Virtual workplace telecommuting design


  • Remote and mobile telephony
  • Integration between handsets and computers
  • Voicemail and email integration with speech to text
  • Call forwarding

To learn more about our available VOIP solutions, contact BCS.

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