Managed IT

Managed IT

To ensure productivity and long-term profitability, your company needs an up-to-date, fully functioning IT network. Crashes, downtime or security breaches could result in loss of business and consumer trust.

With our Managed IT services, Business Complete Solutions can help protect and maintain your network. We can monitor and update your systems remotely, leaving your onsite staff free to concentrate on more business-specific duties.

Why Use Managed IT?

Ideally, 20% of an IT staff’s activities should focus on network maintenance and repairs while the other 80% goes towards innovation. Unfortunately, the reverse occurs much more often in reality: Companies’ IT personnel devote more time to fixing errors than to improving networks.

With Managed IT, BCS takes the burden of maintenance and repairs off your staff’s shoulders. This allows them to devote 100% of their efforts to growing your network and, by extension, your business.

Benefits of Managed IT

With BCS’s Managed IT, you get the following benefits:

  • Constant 24/7 monitoring of critical systems
  • Custom levels of support tailored to fit your budget
  • Access to a team of versatile, highly trained IT professionals
  • Prompt response from local support technicians
  • Regular assessments of network vulnerabilities
  • Timely installation of manufacturer updates and patches
  • Offsite backups of important data

For more information about Managed IT, contact BCS.

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