Multifunction Systems

Multifunction Systems

If you want to complete multiple tasks while conserving office space, Business Complete Solutions’ multifunction systems or MFPs are an ideal piece of equipment. These powerful devices can perform the functions of many different machines. For this reason, they are sometimes called “all-in-one printers.”


Features of Multifunction Systems

The basic features of our multifunction systems are:


MFPs can produce up to thousands of prints per hour. You can print either in color or black-and-white without worrying about errors or loss of detail. Some models have the ability to duplex (or print on both sides of a page), which will allow you to reduce your paper usage.


MFPs enable you to make dozens of copies in a minute as well.


You can also scan documents quickly with MFPs. Some devices have dual scanning and formatting options, which allow you to capture and organize your documents with even greater efficiency.


With MFPs, you can also fax documents. Some available models can support multiple lines, which can help you get information to the people who need it even quicker.

Additional Features

Many of BCS’s multifunction systems have helpful extra features, including:

  • High paper capacities
  • Stapling accessories
  • Network connectivity
  • Environmentally conscious design
  • Energy-saving technology

To learn more about our available MFPs, see our product catalog or contact BCS.

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