bizhub PRO 951

bizhub PRO 951

Up to 95 prints/minute

  • Black & White
  • Production Printers & Copiers
  • Manufactured by:
    Konica Minolta
The bizhub PRO 951 achieves true 1,200 dpi resolution high printing quality thanks to the adoption of the LED Print Head and belt transfer system.


  • 1200 dpi resolution & superior image quality
  • Expanded paper handling
  • Excellent reliability for heavy professional use
Fine lines for charts and graphs and multi-gradation images can be clearly reproduced in high definition to produce convincingly easy-to-read documents. The bizhub PRO 951 adopts an LED Print Head which employs an LED unit which achieves true 1,200 dpi high resolution for significantly enhanced reproductions of even fine text and screen gradations.   

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